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Chris O.
Anaheim, CA

I try all kinds of Sushi places all over So. Cal. and I consistently come back to this one. Whether it's a super fancy high-end restaurant or a Niko Niko style quick lunch - these guys are hard to beat *for the price range*.

Not only is the food incredibly prepared for the price, but the wait staff has always been more than helpful. It's a tiny hole-in-the-wall so space is SUPER limited but the wait is never more than 20 mins. Believe me when I say 20 mins in nothing to wait for this place. I even had them cater my graduation party.

I suggest the Garlic Edamame to start and the O.C. Roll as something light to cleanse your palate at the end of the meal. Again, this isn't a place you're gonna drop a ton of cash, so if you're looking for high-end Sushi then go to Downtown LA. But if you want good, fast sushi with little pomp & circumstance then head here and stuff your face.

Hang D.
Fullerton, CA

I have been here twice and I have not been disappointed by any of the food I got. My favorite by far is the Oh No roll, the garlic butter sauce adds so much to it plus it's really light. Amber roll is pretty good too, it's a bit on the heavy side since it has shrimp tempura and crunchy mix on the outside, but it has a bit of kick, not super spicy.

I have also tried: golden california roll, rainbow roll, euclid roll, golden spicy tuna, yellowtail, perfect and I think, Aloha(?) or Hawaiian (I can't remember the name).

Everything was good, I have not been disappointed. The prices are also very reasonable, the rolls are about $9 for 9 pieces, unless you get a california roll and that's $4 or $5 for 9 pieces. I want to try the Oreo tempura, heard nothing but good things about it and the burrito roll.
Karen T.
Fullerton, CA

Nothing beats the price, freshness, and portion at Samurai Sushi in Fullerton and Harbor. I thought maybe this place would be better caz of the rating, but what a disappointment.

Stacey K.
La Habra, CA

Orange sushi is definitely the place for rolls. I tried Sushi Dake and that wa great for its price. This place is alittle bit more expensive. But TOTALLY WORTH IT. I was definitely satisfied. The workers were very nice.

I know it was busy but it is their job to be on top of things. I got the volcano, hot pearl and firecracker. TO DIE FOR. The oreo tempura Ice cream..I love you.

Emily F. Anaheim, CA

This place is five stars *for the price range*. If you are looking for super expensive with lots of ambiance and atmosphere, this isn't really the place. If you are looking for creative, fresh sushi rolls with friendly employees and lots of bang for your buck, this IS the place! The bf and I usually get three rolls with two drinks and it's around $30 which really isn't bad for the quality and selection of rolls. The waitresses and chefs are all super nice, they remember you if you've been in more than a couple times, and it's very clean inside. They have udon and teriyaki and bento boxes but we always get the rolls because they are so delicious.. Also worth trying is the Oreo tempura dessert.. So much fun!

If you're looking to impress a potential gf by dropping lots of cash on a fancy place, go somewhere in Newport. If you want good food for a good price without paying for fancy decorations, most definitely come here!

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